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“Shri Dattashram was established on “Ram Navami” day in April 1994.”

The Physical presence of saints has an inspiring and calming effect on our lives. The most unique aspect of Dattashram is the holy presence of Tai Maharaj, who is an authority in Bhakti Marg (devotion). .

She is totally devoted and active in achieving wellbeing of the common man according to teachings of saints.

Inducing devotion and faith in God, engaging in the worship of god, development of good qualities, and progress of human being in general has always been the aim in the teachings of all Indian saints. Shri Dattashram is established with same objectives in mind.

A deep relation between good physical health and positive emotional state of mind is accepted by modern medicine. Yet another aim of establishing Shri Dattashram is to provide a place to the comman man which is environmentally healthy and free from day-to-day mental tension.

P. P. Tai Maharaj lays great emphasis on purity of food. We are, after all, what we eat. Food that is sourced, processed, cooked and served while chanting the Lord’s name attains far greater nutritional and spiritual powers. This pure vegetarian and Satvik food helps in achieving mental and physical peace and health, and also helps the growth of a positive approach and induces positive energy in life. Even without performing any rigorous religious rites, people visiting Dattashram find a holistic change in themselves by the darshan of P. P. Tai Maharaj, consumption of the Satvik food i.e. Prasad and through the mind-pleasing incessant vibrations of “naam-jap”.

P.P. Shri Dattmaharaj had remarked at the opening ceremony of Shri Dattashram, “ This place is but a manifestation of the power of the penance of P. P. Tai Maharaj. It is indeed home to all deities.”

All visitors to Dattashram feel and experience the truth in these words.