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1. Shri Datta Vichar Shalaka : Thoughts of Shri Dattamaharaj expressed by him from time to time in his sermons.

2. Alhadini series of books: (Experiences of devotees of P. P. Tai Maharaj) Experiences of many devotees as narrated by them are included in all these volumes. The candidness of P. P. Tai Maharaj’s devine vision and her guidance to people regarding behavior in day-to-day life is nicely blended in these books. The series reveals the wonderful yogic stance with which P. P. Tai Maharaj leads her life.

3. Collection of Letters of P. P. Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar Part 1 & 2: Here Shri Maharaj has guided devotees through letters in which he emphasizes that any adverse condition can be overcome by grace of God. He has given many suggestions for betterment of life like regular worship, regular meditation, reading biographies of saints,
‘Naamsmaran’, endeavouring (Prayatnavad). Towards the end of the book, there are a few Questions and
Answers that vastly benefit the devotees in their spiritual journey.

4. “Dwisahasri Shri Gurucharitra”(with commentary): There are nearly 7000 verses in conventional Shri Gurucharitra written in Prakrit (Marathi). But at behest of Bhagwan Dattatreya, Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati (Tembe) Swami Maharaj composed 2000 verses in Sanskrit to narrate this story. Hence it is called “Dwi Sahasri Gurucharitra” (Dwi = two, Sahasra = thousand). The original story, is appended by Shri Swami Maharaj with his commentary. There are sermons by Shri Datta Maharaj in Marathi, commenting on this ‘Dwisahasri’; wherein the philosophical principles have been elaborated in simple language for benefit of the common man.

5. Dwisahastri Gurucharitra: The stories from Gurucharitra are narrated in simple language where importance of ‘Bhakti ’, purity of intellect, stable mind and importance of a pure diet (Satvik Ahar) have been emphasized.

6. Anand Lahari Part 1 to 9 : Here philosophy and  spirituality presented in anecdotal fashion with references from epic literature. What one should ask to God; What one should desist from; How bhakti is seen in action; are some of the topics touched upon here. The guidance about many qualities and powers of God, how to go about worshiping, etc has been outlined in this book. The meaning of “Digambara Digambara Shripadavallabha Digambara”, ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and ‘Aparadh Kshamapan Stotra’ has been explained. Deep thinking regarding ‘Karma’, ‘Dnyan’, ‘Moksha’, ‘Upasana Marg’ is seen here through the given examples of incidences and discussion about the characters from epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Development of good qualities and renouncing bad qualities are at the base
of many a sermon.

7. Jidnyasapurti Part 1 & 2 : Many questions emerge when we try to bridge the gap between myriad daily
chores of life and the Truth of life. All such queries are answered effectively here. \

8. Shri Devi Bhagavat : Sermons given by Shri Maharaj in this book are based on original Devi Bhagavat.
Shri Maharaj used to use the framework of the Shri Devi Bhagavat in his talks during the Navaratri to
present various philosophical principles to the audience. A soulful reflection of the mind can be seen here.

9. Stories of P. P. Shri Datta Maharaj : Here remembrances are narrated in the form of short stories. His alertness in life, studies, and efforts, importance of hard work, God worship and meditation; all is reflected here.

10. Kalyan Vachane: This book contains quotes picked up from Shri Datta Maharaj’s sermons. These are thoughts for self experience. Delving upon just one thought a day can help achieve well-being of the Self.

11. Shri Sundardatta Charitam: This is the biography of Shri Datta Maharaj presented in the form of verse.
Sweetness of Shri Datta Maharaj’s persona has seeped in this work. Not only the anecdotal stories have come
in heart warming fashion but even the ritualistic and philosophical epithets are rather engaging.

12. Shrimad Bhagavat: This is the lucid commentary given by Shri Datta Maharaj on the original Bhagavat during his discourse.

13. In the divine presence of P. P. Shri Datta Maharaj : This is a book in which a devotee has described his many experiences as well as the guidance that Shri Datta Maharaj graced him.

14. Nitya Upasana done at the Ashram.